Sunday, August 7, 2011

A rushed move and kids car playmat

Things have been so hectic. Apparently my daughters landlord decided to never tell us that he lost the house she was renting to foreclosure. We had no idea until a bank official showed up and told her we had 72 hours to be out. After a very frantic packing job, with a 110 degree heat index (we even packed dirty dishes, no time to wash them) we ended up with her all her worldly belongings spread out between my mom's, my son's and our house. The kids sleeping in the spare room upstairs and my daughter sleeping in my sons camper in our backyard, for the last few weeks. We just got them moved into a lovely house yesterday.

I did get my DGS's Car Mat finished for his 2nd birthday.
Next project up on the list of things to do is a helmet skin for my son and a dollhouse play mat for my daughter inlaw's future niece.
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