Monday, February 20, 2012

New Seeds Ordered And Garden Plan Done

It's funny, for all the gardening I do, I don't really like to garden. I like the planning, and the seed saving, and love the picking, canning, dehydrating, freezing and of course the eating. I'm just not much for the in-between. But hey, dusting, floor washing and toilet cleaning are not my favorites either, but providing us with a clean, healthy and nourishing life makes it all worthwhile.

2012 Garden
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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do you Re-grow your garbage?

We have been eating the same green onions I bought at the store all winter long. No I don't have a corning wear dish of mushy green onions sitting out at every dinner. But I do have a beautiful pot full of lush green onions growing on my windowsill. Here's a quick pin I found on pinterest to show you how to grow them. The only difference from how I grow them is after mine had a nice root system going I potted them.

I had a bunch of celery that needed to be used up quickly before I was ready to cook with it, so I chopped it up leaving the bottom stub intact. Dehydrated the chopped up stuff for the spice rack and I am going to re-grow more celery from the bottom stub. Here's a great how to re-grow celery pin.

Next neat regrow pin I want to try is re-growing ginger from store bought ginger roots. Check this one out.

I did find this neat book with loads of plants you can re-grow from your kitchen garbage.


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