Saturday, August 21, 2010

We're Laying

At least one or two of the Girl's are. Yesterday I found the first egg, the darker one on the left, inside the Chicken house right in front of the door. Today I found the lighter egg hidden under some hay in the back corner of the house. The nest boxes show signs of the girls making themselves comfy in them, but no egg laying. Since I suspect the lighter egg may have been the first egg layed and that I just missed finding it, I marked both eggs and put them each in a nesting box. Maybe now my girls will get the idea of where I'd like them to deposit their eggs.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

I Never Mowed A Lawn Until I got Married

And now I think my Husband understands why. First off in my defense, I was trying to hurry so I could beat the afternoon heat. Secondly I have always mowed along the edge of the rock walkway. It's easy, you just put the lawnmower 1/2 on top of the rocks and 1/2 on the grass and off you go. It's easy, who needs a weed eater? Well apparently I do, especially if I keep the mower level set to 2. Because apparently a riding lawnmower blade is not supposed to look like a golf club after it has an accident with a rock. So $40.00's later with new blades and the back yard finished. 
in we go to our living room when my hubby looks over at the front door and spies with his little eyes, the shattered window I apparently sent a rock thru when I mowed the front yard.
I give up ;‹(
For now on I'm waiting til my son gets home and he can mow the lawn!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Surviving the Heat Wave

 I looked it up. The hottest temperature on Earth ever recorded most likely occurred in Death Valley, California during 43 consecutive days between July 6 and August 17, 1917. During those days, the temperature was over 48 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit).  120 degrees Fahrenheit is what our Weather man informed us that the heat index would be today in downtown St. Louis. Granted we don't live in the city, but it's still pretty hot down here 30 miles south of that city.
We're just trying to stay cool here. I rigged the barn up with fans to help Jerry and Chili keep cool. And the chickens love just hanging out in the part of the coop run that below the house.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I so want this car

Magda Sayeg of Knitta, Please! created this crochet-covered Smart Car for the Il Lusso Essenziale festival in Rome, Italy.

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