Saturday, May 21, 2011

How To Weave On A Peg Loom

I've been looking for a project my DGD and I can do together this summer and I think I have found it. Peg looming. It is an ancient form of weaving and its beauty lies in its sheer simplicity! She can make some scarves for her Christmas presents and maybe she'll want to try working on a rag throw rug while I'm working at my loom. Here's a great tutorial I found, and a quick video of a Peg loom rug... enjoy

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Natural Ant and Mice Repellant

As I've complained about often here, we have a major Mouse problem every Spring and Fall. With all our wet weather again our mice have invited all their relatives to visit yet again.
Now I have no more traps this year, I found the secret Mouse and Ant leave us alone Elixir Peppermint Oil. Mice hate it. Ants hate it. Bugs hate it also, but I am in LOVE with it.
First I made up some Peppermint Castile Soap Spray.

1 gallon water
4 tablespoons peppermint castile soap (I found this at Walgreens)
I also added some peppermint oil to boost the peppermint odor
Combine the ingredients.

I then filled a spray bottle with it.
Spray the backs of counters, baseboards and all other areas you have problems. Do not rinse.

And now Ant and Mouse’s are BYE BYE

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