Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm still here

This old year has had a lot of ho hum, good, hectic, happiness and sadness in it. On Halloween after many months of preterm labour, Our new darling granddaughter arrived in this world. She is such a light for us. Then November hit us with my dad in and out of the hospital. Thanksgiving was spent with him in the hospital on isolation while they tested for TB and Legionnaires disease.  Samples were sent to the CDC and the Mayo clinic. The next day my daughter was in the ER passing 3 kidney stones. Dad was taken off isolation but they still really didn't know why he was so ill. One of his doctors told us they might never know they were just trying to treat the symptoms so he could get better. 3 days later with a lot of fluid in his lungs, bags of medicine and on oxygen they sent him home. His 3rd morning at home he passed away.
We are so grateful for the time we had with him, He got to meet is new Great Granddaughter and his last 2 days were at home, with him feeling better and laughing and reminiscing at the good old memories with us. When his time came, It was fast ...and not painful, which is more than Mom and I could wish. Even with his passing he still kept on giving. Dad had signed up to be an organ donor. I got a call that night from the hospital. They had just finished surgery and now because of Dads gift of life a young man can see again. I think it kinda fitting that some of Dad is living on in this young man with a whole new lifetime to see the wonders of the world.

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