Friday, September 30, 2011

I Made Cheese! I hate cheese!

The two things I've hated eating since I was a baby, are cheese and potatoes. I know, my mom has always told me that's un-American to not like potatoes, but hey I like apple pie. My poor hubby is of Irish descent and he really, really likes his potatoes. Poor guy I think we were married for about 8 years before I cooked potatoes more often then his Birthday and holidays. The Army actually got me eating potatoes, not much choice to not eat them in Boot camp:) But cheese is another thing. Yuck! What really gets me is that cheese looks so good. Every time I look at cheese I think it looks delicious. It really looks like something I should love. Then I taste it, and well, we don't want to even go there. Lets just say I still hate cheese! I have learned to tolerate mozzarella cheese, well if its on a pizza, and just a light coating. That's a big step for me, I went all they way into my 30's ordering my Pizza's without cheese, and getting a lot of weird looks at Pizza Hut for ordering that too. But now I'm 50, I can't believe I just told you my age, and  I can eat my Potatoes and Mozzarella like a grown up.
I bought this Mozzarella cheese making kit for a fun activity that my daughter and I could do with my mom on her birthday. We followed the directions, or so we thought we followed the directions, laughed a lot and ended up with nothing that looked like mozzarella cheese, but we sure had fun trying. So today I was determined to try it again. First I watched this video.

Boy we didn't do nothing like this the first time.

Separating the curds and whey   

Adding Citric Acid to milk
Checking the temp after the rennet was added

Kneading and stretching
Walla, I made cheese

And it only cost me;    $35.32 
Cheesemaking Kit  $23.75, Shipping  $5.49, 2 Gallons milk (1 gallon for each attempt) $6.00
But everybody sure loved it on the home made Pizza we had for dinner tonight                                                           

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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