Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Almost Garden Time

 Our weather is finely in the 50's this week. With the ice and snowing melting and the property a big mud bog it's really got me in garden mode. Time to start planning the garden and start the seeds ☺

Paper Pot MakerLast year I started my seeds in 2 liter soda bottles, sorta like mini terrarium. But I found this technique very space consuming. I needed alot of lights for the amount of plants I started. And I found that my plants became very leggy because with the height of the bottles I could not lower the lights to the proper distance. This year my daughter is starting a large garden. And with my DGS's 2 year old "helping" fingers, she figures that it's a better idea to keep her seedlings at my house.  So now it's time to come up with a better way to start my seeds. I've always wanted the Paper Pot Maker, but no way will I spend $18.95 for it. After hunting around the Internet I found these 2 video's. I like this 1st video because it seems to make a stronger pot, more like the wooden pot maker. But the 2nd video is more simpler, and if you twist the cup in the last step it should tighten up the pot bottom just as good. I think will be using one of these 2 video's to start our veggies this year.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Original Recipe?

Something I would like to try someday. I was thinking homemade Ginger Ale or Root Beer, but now I'm thinking maybe Homemade Coca-Cola

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just some snowy day pondering

As with any winter storm you get a lot of closings and since our area is living thru a Stormageddan, the TV stations have been posting the lists of hundreds of closings all day long. For me I can't help reading thru these lists scrolling across the bottom of our TV screen. I haven't heard of a lot of these business that are closed today but I'm finding much humor in them.

Some are funny, as in Camptown races won't be singing any songs today because Camptown is CLOSED and don't even think about looking for a Home Away from Home because that's closed too.

And duh, for the Crystal Clean Pressure Washing being closed, who would want their car or house being pressure washed in the middle of an ice storm.

And then there are the 'say what' closings, I mean, not to put down any businesses, but... I have to say. I can't see myself wanting to visit the Grabber Hair Salon, I know their closed today but really, they sound painful. And why would I send somebody to the Inertia School of Dance. I mean really don't they understand that in common usage the term "inertia" may refer to an object's "amount of resistance to change in velocity" or sometimes to its momentum, depending on the context. And I cant figure out what the School of Cleaning Etiquette is but I assume when they reopen after the storm everyone there will be all neat, tidy and very polite.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just call me the Ice Walker!

I made it to the chicken coop with a load of water and back with fresh eggs and an armful of wood, and no broken hip! Well if you live anywhere in the central or eastern U.S., odds are you are in or preparing for some winter weather. Were all set, with our food storage and emergency supplies there was not much needed. The tornado that hit our town years back, taught me that I was going to be prepared for the worst. We do always have the New Madrid earth quake looming over us. If we ever got the big one our little town would be on it's own for a long time I think. Though I still like to delude myself that as long as I have Earthquake insurance it won't be happening.

 My brother in law is the Fire Chief on Little Gasparilla Island . The island is a unique and wonderful place in Southwest Florida, located in Charlotte County along the Gulf of Mexico about one mile from the mainland and accessible only by boat or ferry. He keeps posting these pictures of the view outside his office window, Can you guess that I want to hate him right now. I offered him a trade of a bad winter storm for a week of his sun and ocean breeze's and he said no go :( I have only myself to blame, we did move back here from sunny South Florida for the changing seasons. And right now I'm ready for it to change to spring. That groundhog had better be seeing it my way or else!!!!!!!
Really though, were all sung as a bug in a rug. The animals are fed and cozy, the batteries are checked, wood stoves roaring, pot of beans simmering on the stove, new book on the Kindle, if my son wasn't out in harms way plowing for MODOT it would be a purrfect storm. Keep safe everyone.....
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