Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just some snowy day pondering

As with any winter storm you get a lot of closings and since our area is living thru a Stormageddan, the TV stations have been posting the lists of hundreds of closings all day long. For me I can't help reading thru these lists scrolling across the bottom of our TV screen. I haven't heard of a lot of these business that are closed today but I'm finding much humor in them.

Some are funny, as in Camptown races won't be singing any songs today because Camptown is CLOSED and don't even think about looking for a Home Away from Home because that's closed too.

And duh, for the Crystal Clean Pressure Washing being closed, who would want their car or house being pressure washed in the middle of an ice storm.

And then there are the 'say what' closings, I mean, not to put down any businesses, but... I have to say. I can't see myself wanting to visit the Grabber Hair Salon, I know their closed today but really, they sound painful. And why would I send somebody to the Inertia School of Dance. I mean really don't they understand that in common usage the term "inertia" may refer to an object's "amount of resistance to change in velocity" or sometimes to its momentum, depending on the context. And I cant figure out what the School of Cleaning Etiquette is but I assume when they reopen after the storm everyone there will be all neat, tidy and very polite.

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  1. I can't imagine living with all the snow, ice, wind and freezing bitter cold. - Margy



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