Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Natural Ant and Mice Repellant

As I've complained about often here, we have a major Mouse problem every Spring and Fall. With all our wet weather again our mice have invited all their relatives to visit yet again.
Now I have no more traps this year, I found the secret Mouse and Ant leave us alone Elixir Peppermint Oil. Mice hate it. Ants hate it. Bugs hate it also, but I am in LOVE with it.
First I made up some Peppermint Castile Soap Spray.

1 gallon water
4 tablespoons peppermint castile soap (I found this at Walgreens)
I also added some peppermint oil to boost the peppermint odor
Combine the ingredients.

I then filled a spray bottle with it.
Spray the backs of counters, baseboards and all other areas you have problems. Do not rinse.

And now Ant and Mouse’s are BYE BYE

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  1. The timing for this is perfect. The ants are showing up a few at a time in my cabin kitchen and of course, a mouse explosion can't be far behind. - Margy

  2. thank for suggesting us a natural way of killing rat

  3. Pacy, sorry to post this here but have been unable to find a contact email.

    Can I have your permission to crochet and sell your elephant in santa hat in aid of Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary. If I start now hopefully I will have a few made by then ;)

    I would not do this without your permission. As a creative person myself I respect your copyright.

    Kind regards

    Bev Sharp

  4. Bev,
    I'd be honored if you use my pattern. I'd love to hear the info on how you go about this, and if you wouldn't mind post on my website and blog
    how my little pattern might help an Elephant Sanctuary. You can email me at pacycrochets@sbcglobal.net


  5. I'm not sure if you are still following blog comments, but I want you to know that it has taken me this long to put your recipe into action. My Mom's cat has now come to live with us at the cabin, and his food on the floor started attracting ants. Can't imagine where they are coming from out on the cabin float, but there they were. I bought some of the peppermint soap and had it on the shelf for two years. I got it out and used it on the floor around his dishes. In two days, there were no more ants. Thanks for the great tip. I didn't want to use any poison near his food, or ours. - Margy



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