Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I guess I took a sabbatical, but it didn’t feel like one...

Things have been pretty hectic around here. My Hubby has been undergoing lots of medical tests and then 4 weeks of physical therapy. Of course just when he was getting steadier on his feet we hit the max on his insurance for physical therapy. Never fails, it sucked seeing my pts. loose PT when I was working as a head injury nurse, and it sucks more when it’s your hubby loosing out. At least the testing is all done till we take the results in to the specialist in late October.

We apparently had that Animal sucker sign hanging on our foreheads again. Courtesy of my DD, we now have a horse dog that takes up more of a king size bed than my hubby and I can. His name is Ukie and how she ever thought that big beast could live in her little apartment with her, the grandkids and a little miniscule yard is beyond me.

Three of the five girls are laying steady now. We now have had a grand total of 61 adorable, tasty, medium brown eggs with the thickest shells I’ve ever cracked. I’m not kidding, I dropped one on the counter and it bounced without a crack.

A Nation of Farmers: Defeating the Food Crisis on American SoilI won a book! I'm so excited, I never won anything until this week! I love Heather’s Homemaking Blog. Well she had a drawing for a copy of Sharon Astyk’s book A Nation of Farmers that she wrote with Aaron Newton. Yay, I won it and I can’t wait to read it. Thank you so much Heather. Please visit her blog here.
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  1. Pacy,
    So glad to see you back again! Sure hope all will be better for your husband soon. I understand how all the physical therapy and other things can take a toll on your time and inclinations. We are thinking of you all here.

  2. Welcome back from me too. My mom is heading into PT after back surgery. Lots of work I know. - Margy



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