Monday, October 25, 2010

Finely coming out of my fug

I looked it up, fug describes my mood lately -  A heavy, stale atmosphere - yep, that describes me these past few weeks. I have gotten some things accomplished.  

I crocheted a baby blanket, hat and booties for my new Great Nephew.
I'm also crocheting the School Bus Winter scarves for my granddaughter to give as Christmas presents to her bus driver and teachers.  3 done with 3 more to go. Maybe someone can explain to me why a first grader has 5 teachers. I've only put the wheels on 1 scarf so far. I've been thinking that they are a little to childish for adults to wear. Maybe I should just get some really big buttons and attach them for the wheels. Hubby thinks I shouldn't spend anymore money on them He says "It's a school bus, crocheted wheels can't make it look any cornier then it already looks"
I finely fixed my dryer. If you ever want to fix one of your appliances you should really check out this website. Its a wealth of free instructions that even I could follow. ☻
Click here to visit
Of course my car, that hasn't given me a spot of trouble in years decided to die while my daughter was driving it. So now I have to get a new battery, starter and alternator for it. I wonder if Appliance Aid has instructions for that, well on second thought, maybe I should have my son fix it.

I got the Garden cleaned out and tilled in with lots of Llama and Goat poop. Now I just have to get the garlic planted and it's done for the year.

I also made my first batch of soap, yep the real deal from lye, I used the tutorial from Rhonda's blog Down to Earth and the recipe from here. When the tutorial said "Once the soap is in the mould, cover it with a towel so it cools down slowly." I had a little help with that part.  

When I look back, it seems like I got more done during my fug then I thought, even though these past few weeks my brain has seemed so heavy and stale. My husbands appointment today lifted that mood for good though. The endocrinologist said that cyst on his thyroid is definitely not cancer and no surgery. He probably has Vitamin D Deficiency, Anemia and Hypothyroidism. More lab work was done today then after she gets the results of the new levels, she'll prescribe the meds.  

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  1. Welcome back! And wow, you really did some creative work on your break! So glad that your fella is okay.



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