Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello 2011

December and the beginning of this new year have been so hectic for me, now that things have settled down I've spent the last few days just reading books. This Christmas I decided to make all of our gifts, I crocheted, canned, wove, baked and sewed my fingers off. In between all of that my daughter found the perfect 3 bedroom fenced in yard house to rent. That's not an easy task when your a single mother raising 2 kids on a disability income. We snapped up the house with a 2 year lease then began moving them in before Christmas. The house was only 1 house away from her apartment building which you would think would make it easier but it didn't. Most of the stuff we just carried to the house so it probably took us 4 times as long as it would have to just load up a truck and move her. Each time I'd come home then go straight to the craft room and work on Christmas presents. My husband says I'm a procrastinator, but I really had a schedule for the presents I just hadn't planned on opening up my own moving company in the middle of it. All the presents got made, the Christmas tree got put up with the lights but I never got to the ornaments :( no energy left. We had a lovely Christmas with all our family together, my son almost missed it because he had to plow the highways due to a major snow Christmas Eve, but they got the roads cleaned up so fast that he got to come home for the day with us. So we didn't get to miss his big announcement that he was moving in with his girlfriend and her son the next week. Our next door neighbors have a small house on their property that her mother had lived in, they now rent it so the kids moved in next door. So as you can guess I spent New Year's Eve helping my son move a couch and all his belongings. Things are finely getting settled in, My daughter's piano is out of my dining room, YAY, I have a guestroom all set up for when the grand kids spend the night, which has been slept in and approved by our granddaughter. Every body's all cosy and snug in their homes and I now can get back to my blogging. I missed everyone.
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  1. Hey, Pacy! Welcome back. Glad that you had good holidays. Sounds like you were so very busy - what a great Mom you are helping everyone.



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