Sunday, June 27, 2010

Coops Done, except for painting

I'm pretty proud of this coop. It's almost entirely made from recycled stuff. I only spent just under $20.00 total for it all. That was for the PVC pipe for the Waterer and Feeder.

Today I made the nesting boxes. I made them from Cat Litter Tubs. I'm planning on getting some of that spray paint made for painting plastic to paint them to match the coop house.

These are the only things I spent money on. It was still cheaper to make them then it would have been to buy a large feeder and waterer. I've got some leftover house trim paint to paint all the wood. Not sure when I'll get to that, but we're all sent up for eggs now. ☻
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  1. I love the Girls Coop. The nesting boxes are so cute. I can't believe you thought to use recycled litter tubs.
    Great Job

  2. Pacy, it is simply grand! Your girls are such lucky ladies to live with you!



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