Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is it bad when you forget you Goat's name?

Today Chili got a new friend, err, I'd introduce him to you but I forgot his name. Instead I'll show you a picture.

Why I have a goat that I can't remember his name is kinda a long story. Hubby says we should put up a sign that says, Unwanted farm animals, we're your suckers. I'm still trying to convince him that the goat is just visiting, but he's not falling for that.  Hey when we were first married that's how he suckered me into a Mastiff. That horse sized mutt was only staying for the weekend while his owners went out of town. Hubby forgot to mention that they moved out of the state that weekend! Paybacks fun☻
Anyhoo, back to the goat. I really wanted some goats, had a chance of getting 6 goats and hubby and son were big naysayers. We don't have goatproof fencing, son says, so out went that idea. Then son says "So and So if I could remember his name I'd know my goats name because the goat is named after him needs to get rid of his goat can we keep him?" "What about the fences?" I ask him. Oh I'll fix up the fences, he can stay in the barn pen til I get them done. I think I replied something like sure, but if your father asks he's just visiting for the weekend, but don't hold me to that. It was very hot and I was working in the garden at the time, maybe I had heatstroke? Hubby doesn't believe the weekend bit, and doesn't think the barn pen will hold him in. And I have a goat who I can't remember his name and he also seems very skinny to me, so since I know nothing about goats, I'll now have a vet's bill soon to. But he is kinda cute, and I saw Chili giving him a sniff  kiss so I guess he's a keeper.

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