Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Lovely Summer Evening

About 15 miles down this road

Past the Big Chair

Is the Starlite Drive In Theater
(Not our Drive In's Sign, It disappeared years ago)

A big summer attraction for my family for the past 18 years. Last year after the owner passed away it closed. We were so afraid it would never be reopened again, then my husband and I drove by it last weekend and found it again reopened,
Last night my DD, DGS, and I went to the drive in and saw

By the time the screen went from this
to this...

DGS looked like this

and his Mommy and I were well into our 1st bag of popcorn ♥

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  1. Oh, the great memories your post brings back! From childhood right on through college the drive-in was a great source of affordable entertainment. Several were even open in the winter, providing heaters for your car!



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