Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wood Box filled thanks to IRT: Deadliest Roads

I learned a lot from watching IRT: Deadliest Roads Himalayas. They taught me how to fill my wood box. Usually I just fill my laundry basket with 5 stick of wood and carry inside the house. But since Hubby can no longer help and #1 son is working most of the time, I figured I had to come up with a better method.
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I used to just load up the trusty Rhino then back it up to the back porch landing and unload it into the house. But since that #x***XX## thief absconded with my beloved Rhino I am now reduced to this, the beloved wheel barrow. Isn't he cute ☻

Next I had to figure how to get up the back porch steps, Thats where IRT: Deadliest Roads comes in. Watching them load those truck by walking up a 2x4 ramp lite the lightbulb for me.

Wala, 5 wheelbarrow trips up the ramps and around 3 hairpin curves inside the house ends up with one very full woodbox. I can now load my wood all by myself! Which is a good thing since #1 son is moving in with his girlfriend on New Years.

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  1. As you know, I can sure relate with taking on the wood cutting and hauling chore. I use a great product - it is a folding wheelbarrow and I got it at our local farm store. It has proven to be a real workhorse and is easier to wheel into the house. You can read about it here - http://reviews.sstack.com/product-reviews/Stable/Barn-Supplies/Forks-Muck-Carts-Wheelbarrows/Schneider-Saddlery/p/06741-Folding-Wheel-Barrow.html

    Now I just need a better way to chop kindling. Since we heat with a wood cookstove, everything must be chopped smaller and one of these days I am going to chop off a finger or my foot!



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