Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do you know this Thanksgiving song?

Happy Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving I can remember my Grandmother and my Mother sang this Thanksgiving song. Mom says it's probably from the 1800 or 1900's. We have no idea where this song came from, who sung it or how my grandmother came by it. I've done many Internet searches trying to find the title, who sung it or any snippet of info about it and come up empty every search. My Grandma's long passed and I would love to know any info about this song for my mother. If you know anything please email me at pacycrochetsatsbcglobaldotnet.
I just took a peak in the pantry,

And spied on the lower shelf.

A long row of pies,

That would be a surprise.

To the mince, pie prince, himself.

And up on the next shelf above them,

Were cakes so round and white.

And ready to roast,

Big enough for a host.

Was the turkey a wonderful site.

On the floor were nuts in a basket,

A jar full of cookies too.

And up very high,

I could certainly spy,

The fruits and the candies too.

My grandma is here and my Grandpa,

My cousins and Auntie Mae.

What is it about?

Can you not find it out?

For tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day.

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  1. Pacy,

    What a cute blog! Thanks for stopping by.

    I have always wished there was Thanksgiving music, just like there is Christmas music. That way people could put in CDs for a couple weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday rather than only Christmas. What a perfect song!

    I have a suggestion for you, if you don't mind it. Internet spiders and crawlers go over sites and any email address can be picked up, put on lists, and sold for commercial purposes. But if you change the @ to "and" and the . to "dot", they don't recognize them and you can skip that occassional headache.

    I hope someone can find that tune. It's wonderful!




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