Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bailing my Goat out of Jail

Well the men are deer hunting, and I've been laying about lounging like a queen. At least I was until I went to feed the animals this morning and found out that Jerry was AWOL. Long story short, Goat missing, lots of searching, no luck, went down to the police station to fill out a Missing persons Goat report, only to find out that the police had apprehended him 3 blocks over in the act of committing property damage (eating someones tree). The suspect was then arrested and sentenced to hard labor, we then paid bail and took him home.
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  1. Oh, Pacy - too funny - a very cute post. But at first you must have been a bit panicked about your dear missing Jerry. So glad that all went well and you were able to bring him back home - sure hope he doesn't have wanderlust now...

  2. Great story. I can just imagine your panic at finding Jerry gone. Thanks for the chuckle!



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