Monday, April 18, 2011

Too Much Grandpa In Her

Last night I got a call from my DD. It seems that my DGD (who just turned 7 last week) takes after her Grandpa a little to much in the "little devil" department. DD told the kids she was going to take a shower and the she would call for DGS (2years old) to give him his bath. She left them on the couch watching Worlds Funniest Videos. After her shower she stood in the bathroom doorway and called DGS. He proceeded to toddle down the hall towards her yelling "I coming" with a big smile. That is until he suddenly ran face first into an invisible barrier and landed, with a startled look, on his bum. Apparently while Mom was in the shower his big sis, my sweet adorable little granddaughter, strung a sheet of Saran wrap across the hallway, just at face level. She says she got the idea from the Worlds Funniest Videos, which, her mother states, will no longer be watched in her house. I can see her point. The sweet little darling can come up with her own evil ideas without the help from a TV show☻She did get out of bed later and go apologize to her mother for "taking out" her baby brother.
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