Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How was your Labor Day?

Saturday - DS won 3rd place in the In the C Class at the OXC Ozarks Cross Country ATV Championship. That's him on the left, I wish he would keep those wheels on the ground.
Sunday - I sewed 4 Jumpers for my DGD. And finished sewing 7 cloth shopping bags that my mom ordered from me to give away as presents.
Monday - my DS and I spent the day fencing in a bigger pasture area for the girls, aka the Llamas. I hurt everywhere, even my toenails hurt. But boy were there 2 happy Llama's running around when we let them out into the bigger pasture. Chili was running around kicking up her back heels in the air and both of them were observed rolling around in the grass a couple of timesRight now I'm reducing 30 lbs of tomatoes into Spaghetti Sauce so I can get them processed into jars and I still need to bake a cake for DGS's 1st Birthday tomorrow.

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