Saturday, September 5, 2009


1. Plant something - Nothing this time.
2. Harvest something –Green Peppers. Tomatoes
3. Preserve something – Re-pickled 25 lbs of Pickled Onions, The men of the family had insisted I make them as I had 20 years ago with a Jalapeño pepper cut in half in each jar, well either Jalapeño peppers are hotter now, not, or my men are wimpier, because they were too hot, “Did you do something different?” they asked. So I had to open up each jar remove the peppers tone down the juice a little and reprocess them. Aren’t men sweet.
4. Reduce waste – Recycling cans, using cloth napkins and handkerchiefs, using homemade laundry soap, saving old jeans to reupholster a chair with.
5. Preparation and Storage – Nothing this time.
6. Build Community Food Systems – Nothing this time.
7. Eat the Food –Chicken Broth8. Learn something –
Continuing to take the Preserving food at home online self study course offered thru the National Center for Home Food Preservation and the University of Georgia, Reading about raising Llamas
Learning each day on how to raise my Llamas.
9. Simple Living – Continued making Christmas gifts. Sewing DGD school clothes
10. To Do –* Finish sewing DGD school clothes

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