Sunday, July 19, 2009

Independance Days Challenge, week one

I’ve been seeing a lot of Independence Days Challenge participants on blogs and started to investigate it. It is a challenge started by Sharon Astyk, on her blog called Casaubon’s Book. In her blog she’s stated that it is “ desperately needed that we do declare our independence from the globalizing, totalitarian, destructive, toxic, dangerous agriculture” She then challenged herself and everyone else to participate in a Food Independence Days challenge that she started. “That all of us try to do one thing every day to create Food Independence.” She then goes on to explain the how to’s of the challenge at

I couldn't wait to start so here's my first week:
1. Plant something - Nothing this time.
2. Harvest something – Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Green Peppers.
3. Preserve something - I made some Gherkin pickles, and 2 batches of Tomato Sauce
4. Reduce waste – Bought my Pepsi in aluminum bottles and will recycle them by using them as water bottles.
5. Preparation and Storage – Home baked bread, Pickles, Tomato Sauce, Bought an old metal drip coffee pot at a garage sale.
6. Build Community Food Systems - Nothing this time.
7. Eat the Food – Pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers, venison steaks from deer season.

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