Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Great Christmas Crochet Pattern Idea for the Grandparents

Crochet by Numbers is a great website I found where you can turn your personal pictures into Portraits of Fiber. Todd's crochet portraits have been featured in the March/April 09 issue of Crochet Today Magazine. He probably best known for his crotchet portrait of Pres. Barack Obama.

On his website he has some Free patterns, Lots of patterns for sale for $5.00, or you can email him one of your own pictures and for the fee of $30.00, he will send you a grey scale pattern for your picture. The gray scale patterns can be crocheted in any shade of color. He also has own his website a section of training tools with video and lots of pictures to teach you his simple technique. Once you learn how to read his pattern the only crochet stitches you use are the initial chain and a single crochet stitch. I don't usually buy many patterns, especially one for $30.00, but it will be well worth it to present a crocheted family portrait afghan for a Christmas present. And I found some free pattern there that would be great presents under the Christmas tree.

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