Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great crochet and Knitting organizing templates

Well now that my Kitchen is pretty much organized it’s time to turn to the craft room. I found these great crochet/knitting page organizers to download for free. Designed by Grace Schnebly and posted at
She states “Ever since I started knitting, I have been looking for a way to keep track of all my FO’s as well as the projects on my to-do list. I wanted a book that was fun and easy create, that could be totally customizable to fit my needs, and that I could continuously expand. We created these six journal template pages to do exactly those things. These templates are free for you to download, so you can print out as many as you would like to create the knitting journal of your dreams.” –Grace
There’s a template to download for:

* a Knitting Journal,
* a Crochet Journal,
* a En Queue for projects ready and waiting in line… keep track of all the projects you’ve already got the yarn for—even decide how high it is in priority,
* a Liste D’attente to keep track of what you have in your stash with this waiting list for your yarns,
* a Vouloir Faire so next time that killer yarn sale comes around you'll know exactly what to buy before it's out of stock, a Needle Inventory so you never wonder if you have a pair of size 3 DPNS? Or how about a size G crochet hook,
* a Mes Notes to keep your notes all in one place and easy to find. These pages are great to have if you need more room to fill out notes on other projects or if you want to start writing down ideas for an original pattern,
* a Mes Conceptions a few of these handy sheets in the back of your journal and you will always have space to sketch your designs,
* Graph Paper to chart out your own color or lace designs. Choose either a square grid or a rectangular grid that is closer to the shape of a stitch.

All these templates are downloadable as PDF’s

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