Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Can't Wait for Tomorrow


The reason, late tomorrow afternoon Sassy and Chili, two adolescent Llamas come to live with us. I've wanted to raise llamas ever since I was in Bolivia with the Army, but my husband has been very anti llama. I tried all my feminine reasoning with him, and still no go. Then I wake up this morning and my son tells me that a friend of his is giving us two of his llamas if we want them. I say heck yea, but dad said no lamas, to which son replies dad said he doesn't care just don't expect him to tote them water. DS spent all day putting up fenceing in the back field for them. Tomarrow i'll have to help him finish it up and buy some feed, then he will pick them up in the late afternoon.
I haven't even met them yet and i'm already in

PS, I see chickens in the spring

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