Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunday Marks an Eleventh Anniversary, That I Hoped to Never Think About Again.

Eleven years ago, my husband and I were trying to weed eat about 2 acres of overgrown lawn. We didn’t have much money then, so a riding lawnmower was not an option. With the push mower down it was pretty hard work. Our 16 year old daughter was off swimming with friends, and our 12 year old son, with his friends, were climbing the walls.

My son always wore his bike helmet, at least I always told him to, then watched him put it on. I guess I never realized he didn’t, if I didn’t nag. DS and his friends just wanted to help us, I just wanted to get finished and in a hot shower, I finally told them to go ride their bikes and let us work. After we finished I was in the shower when my husband began screaming to get out our DS was hit by a car. I still remember getting dressed, dripping wet as I was running to our car.

Snippets of a nightmare. My son with blood dripping out of his ears and nose, my husband screaming at the police demanding to know if that was the ###### who hit him, the scared teenager in the police car, then my husband making an about face as soon as our son called daddy. Did you ever chase a helicopter some 60 miles to a children’s hospital? Finding out he was in a coma when we arrived. As a nurse I was my own worst enemy, I knew all the worst case scenarios.

He came out of the coma, trying to climb out of bed, stating he had to take a shower. The relief when he was laying in his ICU bed 15 minutes later playing a video game. Traumatic Brain Injury, both ear drums imploded, Cerebral fluid leaking from his ears, and his hysterical insistence that he take a shower every 15 minutes. The ENT Dr. telling us he was almost deaf in both ears, The Neuro Psych Dr. telling us will probably have a very clean kid, water was his coping mechanism.

Short wiring in his brain. His brain no longer told him when he was thirsty. I could give him a plate in the kitchen and tell him to take it out to his father at the BBQ, and he would make it half way there before he would return asking what he was supposed to do with the plate?

Things got better over the years. The Dr. sliced an ear almost totally off, and he had 60% more hearing in one ear when the surgery was done and the ear sewed back on. The short term memory loss improved. Showers are now for getting clean, stress relief and when he’s sick, he will still empty out our hot water tank and I have to lay down the law if it’s a bad day with more than 3 showers. Still has a lot of migraines, missed a lot of school from them and we had wondered how he would ever work, when he would average 4 migraines a week, But over the years they have decreased and he’s learned how to work thru the remainder.Ds is now 23 years old, He has a great job the Department of Transportation, Got his license to drive 18wheelers when he was 18yo, so young most jobs couldn’t hire him because their insurance wouldn’t cover a driver that young. He can do anything he wants to.

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