Thursday, April 15, 2010

Birthday's, What's Up and a Tutorial for Mod Podge Lanterns

Well my husband earned the first quarter of the year for spotting the first lightening bug. Things have been really hectic around here, Yesterday was the Grand Daughters 6th birthday and today is our Son's birthday. I've been sewing like crazy for my DGD's summer wardrobe for her Birthday present. Will post pictures soon. Tonight it's out to dinner to celebrate the birthdays. Last night was my first Master Gardner Class and boy do I feel out of my league, but that's another post. My Nephew is getting married next month and I'm crocheting my Birdseed Wedding Roses like a mad women.

Mod Podge CS11220 8-Ounce Glue, OutdoorI did want to post the links for this fantastic tutorial that I found over at Gingerbread Snowflakes. With some Outdoor Mod Podge, Food Coloring and some old bottles she'll show you how to make some beautiful hanging outdoor lanterns.

and here for her Tutorial for hanging your Mod Podge Lanterns

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  1. A cute lantern idea. I had trouble with some kind of critter in my hillside potato patch. I put three solar lights up there and the raiding stopped. Either they didn't like the light or the ate their fill, not sure which. - Margy



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