Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to Make Your Own Kitchen Compost Pail

RSVP International PAIL-BOO Bamboo Compost Pail 3.25-qt.
I really wanted one of those Kitchen Compost Pails, but right now I just can't justify buying one. While I was drooling over the picture it dawned on me, Hey that looks like an ice bucket! I found an ice bucket at the Thrift Store fo $2.50. And bought a Cat Litter Box Charcoal Filter at the store for $1.22. Throw in my drill and glue gun and 123 I had a  Kitchen Compost Pail made from scratch.

Here's my How To's

1. The lid for my ice bucket is clear acrylic and I really didn't want to see what's in my pail. So I unscrewed the knob off the lid. Traced the lid onto a cheap foil cookie sheet. Cut the circle out with scissors and glued it onto the bottom of the lid. Then I put the knob back on.

2. I marked out a small circle of holes around the center of the lid and drilled them.

3. Useing the glue gun I then glued the filter to the inside of the lid. Try to use only enough glue to attach it so you can easily remove and replace the filter in several months.
Zeolite Filter Replacement - Deluxe - Jumbo - 1 pk

I'm very happy with my $3.72 Compost Pail. It fills all my needs and I got to reduce, reuse and recycle


  1. I love re-purposing things. I go to our hospital's economy shop (thrift store) as often as I can just to see what's available. I've found lots of "treasures" in the past, but since the downturn in the economy there has been a shortage of things to choose from. I guess everyone is trying to make what they have last. - Margy

  2. Oh, Pacy, you are so clever! What a great idea. I need to make one here, too. We have been using a very glamorous 3 lb. margerine tub. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Love this! so many times we can make do without purchasing some fancy gadget. Way to go!



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