Saturday, April 3, 2010

I've been Un- Hermited

I think my parents think I've turned into a hermit. And my Mom has decided to un-hermit me. Since I've taken a sabbatical from working and my husbands disability retirement we've been staying close to home. Well Mom figured out a way to un-hermit me, Mom and I were talking about the garden when she mentioned a neighbor who had taken a lot of gardening classes, I had mentioned that the University of Missouri had a Master Gardener Certification program starting in mid April, thinking her friend might be interested. Guess what I start April 14th? Thank you again Mom and Dad. I'm actually very excited. The course is a 30 hour classroom Core Course training. Covering, Insects and pesticides, Lawn Care, Rain Gardens, Worm Farming, Weed Control, Plant growth and Anatomy, Trees and Shrubs, Plant Disease, Landscaping, Vegetable Gardening, Flowering Plants, Soil Anatomy, Tree Identification, and Bee Keeping.
After the training we are then required to give 30 hours of volunteer service back to the community in approved activities such as extension hot lines or answer services, workshops, speaker’s bureaus, garden show booths, demonstration projects, assisting with grounds maintenance at local Garden Preserves, volunteering at Missouri State Parks, etc... OK I guess I can now say I've been officially un-hermited.
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