Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Make Your Own Olive Oil Lamp

OK, I know I'm going thru the change and besides being very crabby this week I also can get a little forgetful. I just keep getting this nagging feeling that I posted about these Olive Oil Lamps before. But I looked thru my past posts and didn't see one so I'm posting this now. I first saw this idea over at Rhonda Jean's Blog Down to Earth. She posted some great instructions on  How to make an oil lamp Here and in today's email my Mother Earth Simple Living & Country Skills newsletter had another great tutorial for making them with a slightly different design Here. I really like Rhonda's version because it incorporates the jar lid which would help keep it from spilling if it got knocked over. While Mother's version teaches you how to salt your homemade wicks so they burn longer. And i was thinking that I would like to this with the Mod Podge Lanterns from my previous post Here. So I think Mother's version would be better for this because the flame burns inside the jar and would be more wind proof.

If you can find lampante oil (olive oil not suitable for eating, but for burning), you can save money by buying that instead of culinary olive oil.

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