Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our House

Our house is over a hundred years old. Living in it has many interesting aspects. This photo is of the original Linoleum floor that we found at the bottom of other layers of Linoleum and Vinyl floors when we tiled the kitchen floor. I really like that square of Linoleum, I have it framed and hanging in my Kitchen. It would be neat to have that Linoleum on the floor now, well without the cracks and stains and a bit more shinny. Very Retro, not what I usually choose I tend to go more neutral, but deep down I would love it.
For the first few years that we lived here a lovely old man and his family would stop by every summer to visit our house. He was born in this house and would tell us all about it's history. Things like the beautiful rock wall was built by his brother when he was punished for something or other. Our back porch was added on when his father had TB and he lived for a year there. The porch was built in the 30's out of supplies stolen scavenged from the rail yard, which explains the floor joists being made from railroad ties. I miss that old man. Over the years I think of many things I should of asked him about our house's history. But every time we find a square nail or a piece of the rail yard here, I smile and hope he knows that we love it too.

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  1. I love that story! A friend of mine just bought a very old home and we were digging around in the attic trying to find old secrets :)



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