Sunday, April 18, 2010

#### Happens

10 Asparagus Roots Jersey Supreme - Male Dominate-tastyIt's just us, these things usually happen, to us me. We had our 1st meal of the year with an item from the garden, asparagus. Only a few spears but enough for my hubby and me to have for dinner. Boy did they taste good to. Sure wet my appetite for eating every spear that comes from that little endangered spot in the garden. I didn't pick the area very well for the asparagus in the garden when I planted the bed last year. It was the bottom left hand corner of the garden last year, but this year with the garden size increased it is not closer to the middle. When DS disked the garden a few weeks ago, I had to practically stand in the middle of the asparagus bed so he didn't disk it to. He had a lot of mumbling and muttering at me as he maneuvered that big tractor and disk around me and the asparagus. I even remember apologizing to him for it's placement. He then replied "It's fine Mom, I can get around it, your just going to listen to a lot of complaining while I do it." Today before the birthday dinner he borrowed a tiller and tilled the garden. As I walked out to check on the progress I was just in time to stop his second pass with the tiller, Yep You Guessed It, thru the middle of my asparagus bed. And they tasted so good this year to :(
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  1. Oh, Pacy, I sure do understand! One year Tramp 1 put a very bad slug bait all over our garden(he thought he was helping) and we lost the whole thing!



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