Saturday, May 29, 2010

I so have to make this rug

When I first saw this rug on Meet Me At Mikes Blog I just had to check it out. Can you imagine crocheting this by hand and without a hook. It was designed and made by Jean Lee. Her website, Ladies and Gentlemen states "Jean's obsession with vintage doilies grew to epic proportions when she created these full size area rugs using cotton rope. PURCHASE HERE The Mega Doily rug will be featured in Meg Mateo Illasco's upcoming book, "Crafting a Meaningful Home" (STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books, Fall 2010)"
Something tells me I'm not going to be able to wait for the book to be published. My brain's already ticking away with how I should start this project. I wonder if Cotton Piping Cord
Conso Cotton Piping Cord Size 7 (1") 8yd/lb (Pack of 10)would work? Is it obsessive when you start thinking things like - that rope looks about as thick as her third toe, if I measure my toe I could get almost the exact thickness of rope that she used for her rug? I better end this post, I think I need to take a Prozac. Well I'll take it after I get a quick look at all my old doily patterns. I defiantly will need an oval pattern for a rug under my dining room table
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  1. I know that this is over a year old, but I recently found her rug and I am looking into buying cotton piping cord to do just exactly this! If you followed up on this project I would love to hear from you about it :)

    a cup of subtle tea

  2. I've caught the fever and am now on my third rug using cotton welt upholstery cord. I love the fiber -- fells good and moves very quickly through one's fingers. I've used 10/32 and 5/32. M only challenge is in knowing how much is left on the reel, and so hope to find someone whose used up a reel to tell me how much an empty reel weighs so i can figure how many yards I have left. The 10/32 weighs 0.4 oz for one yard and the 5/32 weighs 0.1 oz for one yard. The ten pound reels hold 440 yards and 1600 yards.



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