Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Dryer Is Doing It Again.

It's trying to die on me. First last Fall it started humming then it would die on me. My husband said bad motor. No problem before his neck injury, I'd say honey help and he'd fix it. Now I'm Mrs-fix-it. I went online and Googled dryer humming and low and behold up popped Appliance-repair-it.com I Love this site. It confirmed my hubby's diagnosis showed me diagrams of my dryer and I found the part I needed and fixed the dryer all by my self. Next the dryer stopped spinning, back I went to Appliance-repair-it.com where I learned all about idler pulley and belt assembly. Wam bam Thank you very much I fixed that problem too. Now it has stopped heating. This time I get to use an ohmmeter. Apparently its either/or both the heating element or the hi-limit. I don't mind being Mrs-fix-it. But I don't think Mr-Fix-It ever has to worry about making sure the Mrs. feelings aren't ruffled because she can no longer fix the things herself. I know when I do things that my Husband used to do he sometimes feel like I don't need him anymore. Anyway back to the dryer. I'm not in a real big hurry to fix it. With Spring here I'm back to hanging our clothes outside on the line. But with all the rain we have been getting maybe I'll rethink that. Hubby wants to just buy a new dryer but It's not that old. Besides this is getting personal between me and this dryer, and I will WIN!

Check out this Video of Cosy Sheridan
Happiness is Waiting, Hang your laundry on the line

It's on her EROS album  

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