Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Garden Bucket

Fiskars 9424 Garden Bucket CaddyMy Dad has a Bucket Buddy. He uses it to carry all his tools around as he's working on a project. I wanted something like this for my gardening. First I found the Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy I really like this but I wanted one that was well basically free, Hey I admit it I'm CHEAP.

Simplicity 2632 Sew Pattern GARDEN ACCESSSORIES - Hat, Tote, Wall Caddy, Bucket Caddy, Tool Belt
I found this Simplicity Pattern at a Thrift Shop and picked it up to buy it, figuring that I could adapt the pattern to a large bucket.
Then I walked past this  for 50 cents and knew I had my Garden Bucket.Rubbermaid 3F20 Configurations 20-Pocket Shoe Organizer, Natural
The Garden Bucket is basically an Apron belted around the bucket. So I cut the pockets off the shoe organizer and sewed them onto an old canvas belt and cinched it around the bucket. I had enough pockets to make a second belt which I cinched around the lip of the bucket so those pockets hung inside the bucket. I love my garden bucket. It's not as tidy as the store bought bucket, or as pretty as the Simplicity Pattern, but the bucket was free (left over from a dry wall project), the belts were something I was going to donate, and you can't beat a 50 cent gardening project.

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