Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This really erks my goat!

Well if I had a Goat it would, I guess I should say This really erks my Llama! My Granddaughter is in Kindergarten. Our School District has been going back and forth on deciding if they could afford to have summer school. Now the grade school summer program has always been more of an enrichment program. At first summer school was only going to be for Junior and High School students who had failed a class. No problem there, that makes lots of sense. Heck when I was growing up that was all summer school was. Well they sent out the final decision on summer school, It is now going to be an abbreviated version of summer school for all grades. Hey, great my granddaughter went last year as a pre-kindergartner and loved it, this is great. But here comes the part that really erks my Llama!  Due to the budget problems the school district will only be paying each student that attends the summer school program $50.00? Excuse me, since when has the world changed so drastically that people think it's proper to pay a child who's 6  years old $50.00 to attend summer school? This just seems so wrong in so many ways. Maybe if they used the money they intend to pay the students they could have the full, not abbreviated, summer program. What has happened to the idea of kids learning to excel because a summer school program reached them in a way that is fun and educational, and not because they are paid to go. Where's the accomplishment in that?

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