Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Family Contest

As I was reading Brenda's post about their family contest on who sees the first robin of spring (Check out her blog Coffee Tea Books and Me) it reminded me of fairy fireflies. Our family contest is the first person that can prove they saw the first Lightning bug of the season gets a quarter. You see my children grew up in South Florida and never saw a lightning bug until we moved to Missouri when our oldest was in kindergarten. Florida's version of lightening bugs are No-see-ums. these tiny biting flies begin swarming together in a huge cloud every evening just before dusk. No pretty little fairy lights twinkling in the dusky sky for us, just keep your mouth shut or you might breathe some in or swallow them as you run for cover! Defiantly not something to catch in a jar and set on your nightstand to light your dreams to fairyland.

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