Monday, March 1, 2010

Super Duper Duper Magnifying Mirrors

Have you ever looked into a super duper duper magnifying mirror? I mean the type that seems like it could be a part out of a microscope. Well I did and it scared me. When most people go on a vacation and bring back souvenirs, you think a tee shirt, maybe a coffee mug with a picture of the Washington Monument or Niagara Falls. Not my mom, she brings back a makeup mirror that could have a legally blind person seeing their face clearly for the first time. Not only is this mirror scary it's addictive too. Once you see your pores looking like moon craters you can't stop looking. You have to move you face back and forth a little in the mirror to get your eyes to focus, but when it's in focus the first thing you yell is "Is that a moustache?" then immediately grab some tweezers. I look in my bathroom magnifying mirror every morning and I have never noticed a moustache or blackheads the size of these on my face, but I'm going to go to my mother's house every day from now on, not to visit, but to look in that scary mirror so I can groan a lot. Gee, I wounder why the hubby ever married me with a face like this

1 comment:

  1. Yes, those mirrors can be scary! Thank goodness Tramp 1 wears glasses so I know that he can't see all that well!



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