Sunday, February 28, 2010

Startled Hubby and Those Swedish Hats

OK, so I'm not the only women who startled her husband during the Olympics by blurting out "those hats are crocheted I have to have the pattern!" Did a quick search on the Internet and found some really intense investigations into those hats. Alas the feats a crocheter will go to solve a crochet mystery, Kim Werker at Crochet Me even emailed the Swedish Olympic Committee and received an email from Eva Christensson (The designer)herself. Seems the publicists at the Swedish Olympic Committee passed my email inquiry on to her, and she was kind enough to reply in English directly to her.
Read all about her escapades in her two posts here.

OK I know, I can't read Swedish either. But vixypix was kind enough to translate the pattern into English and posted the PDF file here.

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