Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Almost Spring Peeper Season

Oh the Sweet Serenade! I turned 35 years old in Boot Camp at Fort Leonard Wood Army Base. On the evening of my Birthday we were out in a field shooting tracer rounds. Boot Camp started in January and this was the first spring fever day we had. Temperatures were in the high 50's and I was marveling at how neat the tracer rounds looked in the evening dusk, like glowing dashes across the field. Then the Spring Peepers started a serenade. It was at that moment I experienced the most intense feeling of home sickness that I have ever experienced in my life. A gut wrenching feeling of want, for a spring evening with my husband and kids as we pause in our back field and listen to the Spring Peepers, passed thru my brain that night. Soon after that night on our 15th Wedding Anniversary I would graduate boot camp and be reunited with my family. But I can honestly say that on that night of the Spring Peepers, If I had then heard a Whippoorwill, I'd have gown AWOL.

It's funny how sounds and smells can insistently transport you to a feeling or memory. A deep longing for something. Well anyhoo, Today's my birthday and I need some spring in the air, I really wish all this cold, mud, and snow would morph into a Spring Peeper evening.
I guess I've got Spring Feaver
I'm in the need for Spring!


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