Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I got a Blog Award, Really I did!

This Birthday is so much fun. Today I got a mouse in the Llama's feed can (Surprise), A new Drivers License (that has some one else's picture on it, after all that old lady can not be me she has two chins), but best of all, drum roll please, I received my 1st blogging award from Penniless Parenting. You all really should check out her blog she has great frugal tips and ideas. Thank you so much. Now I get to pass on this cheerful award to 12 other fantastic blogger's.
The rules of accepting this award are:
Put the logo on the sidebar or within a post
Pass the award on to 12 blogger's who brighten your day
Link to the nominees within your post
Let the nominees know they received this award by commenting on their blog
Link back to the person who gave you this award, as a way of showing your appreciation for being appreciated.

Here are the posters to whom I would like to pass on this award

  1. Cold Antler Farm Jenna lives in the cutest little homestead in Sandgate, Vermont. Right now she is going thru the heart-stopping roller-coaster of buying her first home. I never miss a day of checking out her blog.

  2. Tramps Camp is another of my favorite blogs. For theses 2 Tramps their profile says it all... Two incredibly fortunate humans with too many interests... Gardening, Cooking - BBQ, Dutch Oven, Sourdough, Outdoors - hiking and wildlife, hunting, camping and travel, fishing, golf, archery, photography.... Definitely a cannot miss blog.

  3. Powell River Books leaves me green with envy. I just melt every time I go there, I mean who wouldn't die for a float cabin on Powell Lake in Coastal BC. That's off-the-grid and they even generate their own electricity using solar and wind power. I want their life, hehehe

  4. The Big Red Barn is another one who inspires me to live more lightly on the earth. Barb's Wool Dryer Balls are definitely on my wish list. And they have the cutest granddaughter.

  5. Deep Winter I love Tom Sherry's books. The fact that he shares them online free for everyone is amazing to me. His first novel 'Deep Winter' had me on the edge of my seat, His second novel 'Shatter' left me crying for more. Now his third novel 'Remnant' leaves me checking every day for the next chapter.

  6. Fantastic Find If you want to keep up to date with fantastic finds and freebies this is a must check out blog. I swear she must live and breathe on the Internet to find all this great stuff to post.

  7. A Homesteading Neophyte Phelan's homestead is how I want my 5 acres to grow up too. Here's where she blogs about everything from food, homesteading and lots of family fun too. I just love the way she refers to her kids as Medium and Large.

  8. Cooking From Scratch This blog is all about making great food from scratch. From the simple to the complex, She tries it all. Here is where I'd kill to be invited over to dinner.

  9. A Foothill Home Companion Her profile states "My name is Molly. Making stuff makes me happy, so I try to make something everyday, even if it is just a mess." Well I can only say Molly there's no mess about it, Your blog is Fantastic. I just love your great ideas.

  10. Meet Me At Mikes is the coziest blog I've ever been to. Every time I go there I just want to Curl up and spend the night.

  11. Feeling Stitchy If I ever thought I knew how to embroider, this blog show me my error. I have never seen such talent showcased more.

  12. Food In Jars Talk about inspiration, canning, pickling, preserving and baking, all from the heart of Center City Philadelphia. Every time I visit this blog I find something new that I must get to canning.


  1. You are so very nice Pacy! I remember that you mentioned my blog on here a while back too and it made me so happy! You may be right about my living and breathing on the internet! ☺ I do find a little time for real life! Thank you for the award! I won't be posting about it because I just accepted another award a bit ago and named most of the great blogs on my list. I don't follow a ton of blogs or I would be living, breathing AND eating the internet! Plus I'm a rebel now and then about following rules! But I will be posting a link to your blog on my left side bar where my awards are!
    Thanks again! ♥ Chels

  2. Thank you for the honour. I will pass it along next week on my Wednesday Friends Day. Speaking of driver's license pictures, I just got my new one here in BC. It's new and supposedly more secure. The picture is like a passport picture, no smile. They say it's because of facial recognition capability. I think it's because they want it to look like a police mug shot. At least mine does. - Margy

  3. Pacy,
    Thank you so much for the kind words. And thank you for visiting us at Tramp's Camp. I sure enjoy your blog. I wish I knew how to crochet and I can't imagine having a llama pass away in my house. You had to have such a special connection and I hope that your heart is healing from the loss.



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