Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm so frustrated

Sorry, I just have to vent.
I've spent most of the day trying to find out why I can't view my website. Every time I go to it the page just turns into an error page stating Internet Explorer cannot display the web page. I spent 3 hours trying to report the problem to Tripod, Lycos, AT&T Most of the Help areas are just listings of Helpful problems that are not mine, Others Just pop up to that danged Internet Explorer cannot display the web page page. What ever happened to just saying Hey were sorry you have a problem just email us your problem to this email address or even call this phone number and a real live person will be happy to answer the phone and fix your problem. I really don't want to go to a members forum where other members like me may has some helpful answers to my problem. I want someone who works for one of these places to help me fix my problem. I did go to that forum though and would of posted my problem but there was nothing to click on like a post button or a send button to tell the other members what my problem is.
Then I finely found this posted at Lycos Help desk Knowledge base, it says "We are investigating some issues with Tripod where customers report that they can't access their websites. It appears that this problem only occurs for those using AT&T as their Internet service provider. Please report any difficulties as well as any response you may receive from AT&T. Thank you."

Here more fun They asked me to report my difficulties to them but they didn't say how to report them to them.

Hey people your talking to a person who once deleted Windows off her computer. The computer repair man had to put a new mother board in my computer to fix that. Apparently once you delete Windows its like you deleted the brain. Now they expect me to figure out how to report a problem to them. Go figure


  1. Found your post and wanted to say that we are sorry that you are frustrated. We are frustrated as well - AT&T is not responding to our phone calls, they won't give us anyone to talk to to help resolve this problem, and they are telling our customers that call them that we have "a virus" without providing us any way to identify the problem they have discovered or any way to tell them when it's fixed.

    We continue to try and work on the issue. I'll let our CS team know that you had a difficult time finding the answer on our site and see if they can make it more obvious.


  2. Me too! I can't access any Tripod member sites via AT&T.

    Tripod has been responding to my messages, the most recent suggesting I contact AT&T to report the issue. Only problem is, AT&T customer support is a call center in India with operators reading from a script.

    Me: Tripod member sites are inaccessible using AT&T.
    Them: I do not understand. Have you tried rebooting your computer?


    Sounds like the good people at Tripod can't get through to anyone who matters at AT&T either.

  3. We were able to reach the right department today and they have removed the block. They tell us that all AT&T customers should be able to access the site in a few hours. Please let us know if you still have difficulty after that.

  4. I thought most of my problems were my servers problems until I got a Mac. So far none of the frustrating moments, I had with my PC have occurred.



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