Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maple Syrup and the Power of the Google Search Button

Contrary to popular belief, not all maple syrup comes from Vermont. In fact, Missouri produces its fair share of maple syrup. This I did not know. My DH worked for years as an Arborist, every time I asked him about tapping our big Maple Tree in the front yard he'd say, "Oh no honey, you have to live in Vermont to tap for syrup." Well here's to the Power of Google Search Button. The big fibber, I looked it up and I can too tap my Maple Tree! Now he's trying to tell me that the tree is old and feeble, I might kill it if I tap it. Well, I 've got news for him, He's going to participate in this simple living from scratch and enjoy some homemade maple syrup from the fruits of "our" labor, If I have to drag him all the way kicking and screaming. Good thing he's skinny, for that dragging bit I mean.
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  1. We have lots of maples up the lake, but not the sugar kind. At least our trees turn a lovely colour in the fall and look like maple syrup running down the creek beds on nearby Goat Island. Good for you. The syrup will taste eve better knowing it came from your own land and hands. I bet he doesn't kick and scream too bad with all your enthusiasm. - Margy

  2. You are doing something I've always wanted to do but we haven't the maple trees to do it with. Good luck and tell us how it turns out.



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