Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here's to Fun Springy Days

Today we went to my Granddaughters school art show and science Fair. She had a picture exhibited there. We think it's pretty spectacular for a Kindergartner.

After the Art Show my mom met me at the park. Today was the first Spring Fever day of the year. It reached 56°. Mom and Dad bought me a Bike for my birthday and today I finely got to ride it. It was the first bike ride for me in about 20 years, and my mother's first ride in 32 years. I remember her last ride she fell and severely sprained her ankle. We giggled so much when she got on we almost peed our pants. As she took off I was running behind her holding on to the back of the bike seat afraid to let go. She did get her wobbling under control but she didn't try turning yet. I love this bike. White walled tires and no hand brakes or different speeds, just my kinda speed.

Tonight in Cape Giradeau is the Monster Truck Winter Nationals and Bad Boys Arenacross Races and my son will be racing in it. This is one race mom doesn't attend. I'm exicited for him, but i'll be extra happy when he calls to tell me the race is over


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