Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yay, I got back on my website, but is Big Brother Looking over my shoulder☻

After all that frustration last night, it was kinda funny that to report the problem all's I had to do was post it on my blog. When I checked my blog this morning I had a comment on it from Tripod it said "Joe Pranevich Says: Found your post and wanted to say that we are sorry that you are frustrated. We are frustrated as well - AT&T is not responding to our phone calls, they won't give us anyone to talk to to help resolve this problem, and they are telling our customers that call them that we have "a virus" without providing us any way to identify the problem they have discovered or any way to tell them when it's fixed. We continue to try and work on the issue. I'll let our CS team know that you had a difficult time finding the answer on our site and see if they can make it more obvious. JP" That was neat, They just magically checked my blog and saw my problem and were going to solve it for me. Hey that's even better than a real live person answering the phone and happily fixing my problem, so much more convenient. This afternoon I received another comment from him stating "Joe Pranevich Says: We were able to reach the right department today and they have removed the block. They tell us that all AT&T customers should be able to access the site in a few hours. Please let us know if you still have difficulty after that." Thank you so much Joe, I clicked on my website and it popped up no problem. That was so nice of you.
This is such a neat way to solve life's difficulties. Here's my next problem, I'm sooooooo frustrated, You see my garbage has to go to the curb, tomorrow is garbage day, and baby it's soooooo cold outside, hehehe. Hey, a girl can wish can't she! I do have a question thou, If Tripod is checking the Internet for disgruntled customers, Who else is looking, I mean is Big Brother looking over my shoulder too?

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