Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stolen Magic

My Granddaughter lost her Lunchbox on the school bus. Not such a big deal unless you 5 years old and fear the Bad Guys. We have some real Bad Guys in my sleepy little town. Awhile back they came into her Grammy's yard and stole our Rhino. And now they got her lunch box too. Very traumatic when your Summer dreams are stolen. You see her and I spent many a summer day riding that Rhino in our back fields, singing "A Lion Sleeps at Night" at the top of our lungs while we hunted for Lions, Dinosaurs, and ventured into magical places. Then one morning the magic ended. Mr. Policeman caught one of the bad guys, but another bad guy had already spirited the Rhino away. Luckily she was reunited with her lost lunchbox, and I'm sure we'll find more magic this summer even without the Rhino. But it makes me so mad that someone could come to my property and steal her innocent joy.

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