Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Saga of Mice and Chipmunks Continues

OK give me a M16 or a needle and catgut for sutures and I am one brave women but I don't do snakes in my kitchen, Cat and Mouse play in my dining room or Chipmunks in my ceilings. At least the snake in the kitchen part has been about 15 years ago, and I still state that I did not call 911 I called the non emergency number to the City hall and asked for the Animal Control Officer to come and get the snake, I can't help it if he was sick that day and they sent 2 cops instead, Hey at least I drove that brave officer to the drug bust after his partner had left with his police cruiser and he had bravely captured the Cobra black snake in my kitchen and released it into the back field. Hey I would of drove him to St. Louis if he needed to go there, he did get the snake out of my house. Bummer note thou, when your driving an officer of the law to a drug bust in your Volkswagen Rabbit he did inform me that I could not speed. I had to stick to the 25 mile an hour speed limit, what can I say this was a little exciting kinda a Hawaii 5 0 moment :)
But I am digressing, back to the Cat and Mouse play last night in the dining room. Did you know that a mouse will play possum when a cat is batting it around the dining room. Last night I was reading in the living room when in walked my son's cat with a mouse in his mouth. I promptly let him know in a firm voice that I did not deem it necessary for him to share his gift with me. He then politely took it into the connected dining room and began cat and mouse Olympics under my dining room table. Honestly I had to turn the TV on with the volume up a little to drown out any potential sound effects that I was afraid to hear. Finely Puss deposited the dead mouse at the divider line to my living room. As you might remember from my post last fall, I woke my husband up in the middle of the night to get a mouse out of the bathtub. Even thou his is my Hero, I didn't want to wake him up again with another mouse dilemma. Instead I was very smart, as you can see in the picture, I put a mixing bowl upside down over the dead mouse and left him a nice note on top of the bowl stating what was underneath. Come morning I found out that the mouse was in fact not dead and the cats knew this. They slid the bowl all over the living room floor all night but could not get to the mouse so they went to sleep on the dead mouse sign and left the bowl with the very alive mouse in the middle of the floor in front of my husbands chair. Now my husband knows why I always recommend one turn on the light when he walks into a dark room. Less chance of spilled coffee and surprises. But hey, he did end up putting the undead mouse outside so he's my Hero still.
Oh, and a last note, Chipmunks like moth balls, apparently they can play kick ball with them in ceilings. On to another plan, this war is not over, but now at least I won't have a moth problem.
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  1. I sure do understand - we have mice issues year round. And we had chipmunks, too. They had babies in our attic so we had to wait until they came out to trap them. I used Havaheart live traps and Tramp 1 would let them go on his way to town. One chipmunk is cute, two are fun to watch but they can sure cause damage to a house. Good luck!

  2. When we lived in LA we at first let our cats go outdoors. They loved to hunt mice on the nearby hill. One would bring his treasures home and put them in our sunken bathtub. We'd come home to what I would call the "killing fields." Not a pleasant sight with all the blood and gore smeared on the sides of the tub. Needless to say the tub had to get a good scrubbing even between baths. We had to stop letting the cats out because of coyotes who also lived on the same hill. That was a "killing field" story a little higher up on the food chain.

    I see a few of Wayne's books on your reading list. Let us know what you think. If you do get Up the Lake, the Second Edition has better photos and the original "mistakes" have been edited out. - Margy



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