Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Can Only Imagine Crocheting Things This Great

British artist Shauna Richardson crochets life-size models of rabbits, deer, foxes, bears, lions and primates, then, borrowing heavily from taxidermy, expertly stuffs and outfits them with claws, jaws and glass eyes. She has named her technique CROCHETDERMY™. Her animals are life-like appearance and she states in an article for DazedDigital that “In an attempt to remove the pieces from the realms of soft and cuddly, I use coarse wool such as mohair mixes, reproduction claws, jaws and glass eyes. My crochet technique is freestyle, one colour, one stitch – the direction of the stitches highlighting anatomical features. All of the animals I make are life-size."
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  1. Those are amazing. My Mom loves to crochet but her 94 year old fingers don't cooperate as well as they used to. She also has trouble following the directions, but has one granny square pattern that she is comfortable with. A square a day gives her lots of pleasure. We have lots of afghans to show for her efforts. - Margy



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