Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Come By it Naturally

Every time my mother is feeling ill she calls me up and says "Your a nurse, what's wrong?" and then precedes to tell me her problem. After I answer her with this big long drawn out medical dissertation (come on I have to make it long winded so she'll be sure to know that all the money she spent on my education was so well worth the sacrifice,I love you Mom) Anyway after my explanation she always Say's "Oh that not what my problem is.I don't think that's right at all." She then goes to the Doctor who proceeds to tell her the exact thing I told her, in a less long winded way. She'll then call me back and tell me I may have been right after all.Sometimes when she call, I'll tell her I'm not going to answer her question because she never believes me anyway. She'll then state "But I don't do that!"
Well the point to that story is maybe I might occasionally do that to. Like when my husband, who doctored trees all his working life tells me I can't tap into the Maple tree to make syrup because the tree is old and sickly and it might kill it. And I then go on about how he just doesn't want to help me boil sap in the backyard At least I can say I come by it naturally

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