Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Springtime Workings

I love working outside, no matter if I'm in the garden or working on the chicken coop Chili's always looking over my shoulder just waiting with an offer to help. We've been busy With my Aunts old playhouse and a chicken run my son got from a friend we're slowly getting the Girls coop done. They are beginning to get their wing feathers.

Got most of the seeds done that need to be started inside the house. I turned my buffet into a greenhouse. My poor dining room with chickens and a greenhouse, good thing no one wants to come near us since we're still getting over the flu, they can't see my mess. That's the green house on the left. I have 4 grow lights all plugged into a timer so they get the correct amount of light. and since our house can get chilly I put in a radiator to keep the temp. at a constant temperature. This year I'm using 2 liter soda bottles to start the seeds in.
Got the paths done in the garden. I'm cutting seed potatoes tonight and will plant those soon as I get the final tilling done.
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  1. Pacy,
    You are one very busy person! The chicken coop looks great! And your seeding efforts are surely going to give you a wonderful garden.



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